Cyclists be warned and beware. I have just cycled through the Black Rock car park to get to the marina and have been chased by a pack of uncontrolled wild dogs yapping and biting at my feet.

Luckily, I managed to fend them off with my size 12 boots.

They come, of course, from the travellers who have pitched themselves all along the walkway.

I can foresee some nasty incidents when children try out their new Christmas bikes and scooters over the next two weeks.

I hope Brighton and Hove City Council takes heed of this warning and pay those freeloaders a visit to insist their dogs are tethered and muzzled at all times.

A few signs warning innocent passers-by of the impending danger would also be a good idea.

Better still, clear them off altogether. Fat chance.

I would be interested to hear the views of the opposition parties on travellers. I would especially like them to say what they will do when they take over the council when Labour are booted out next May.

  • Don Franklin, Lewes Road, Brighton