A second shopper has claimed she was thrown out of Sainsbury's because staff didn't like the way she shopped.

Julie Seyforth said she was followed then asked to leave during one of her weekly shops at the store in Lyons Farm, Worthing.

She said she had kept quiet about the incident since February 2005 because she felt paranoid but decided to go public after reading in The Argus it had happened again.

We reported last week that Serbian Anja Kasparis, of Grand Avenue, Worthing, and her sister Petra Cvijic, had been thrown out of the store because of their "irregular shopping patterns".

After months of letters and meetings Sainsbury's eventually apologised and admitted the women had been treated badly while denying there had been any racist motivation.

Mrs Seyforth, 40, of Brighton Road, Lancing, said she was shopping alone when a security guard approached her and said he was going to escort her off the premises.

She said: "He wouldn't tell me why.

I took it up with customer services but all they could say was we don't like the way you shop'.

"It was very upsetting - they treated me like I was a shoplifter. I wasn't asked to prove I didn't have anything in my pockets, which could have cleared me. They just marched me out the door as if I was nothing.

"I got a wave of fear every time I went in any shop or saw a security guard for ages afterwards. It took a long time to get my confidence back and I didn't tell anyone about it for ages because I felt so ashamed."

Mrs Seyforth said she had tried to take it up with Sainsbury's but did not get anywhere so decided to put the event behind her and shop in a different store.

A spokeswoman from Sainsbury's said they had no record of the incident. She said: "Customer service is our highest priority and we would never aim to turn anyone away if there was not sufficient reason for doing so."