Twins aged 12 have retired from their posts as junior directors of a zoo after three and a half years.

Gabrielle and Natasha Sims joined Drusillas Park Junior Board of Directors in 2003, after they were selected from more than 50 candidates.

The junior board was started 17 years ago and has 12 members, giving a child's perspective on the park. Gabrielle and Natasha, from Eastbourne, have been involved in rating the animal park, near Alfriston, and its attractions.

They also made suggestions for improvements and were involved in fundraising and conservation projects.

The pupils, from Causeway School in Eastbourne, received Drusillas memorabilia, at a ceremony on Thursday to mark their departure.

Cassie Smith, education officer, said: "Natasha and Gabrielle have worked extremely hard and have made a number of useful suggestions and observations.

"It has been a pleasure to work with them and we hope they will remain in touch."

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