Aimee Robertson

Aimee Robertson,
35, marketing, Hove

"In terms of recycling picked up by the council we get small black boxes with lids but we live on a windy coast - it's ridiculous.

"There is so much that doesn't get done. Brighton has the reputation but it's just full of hippies who sit outside the Dumb Waiter smoking rollies and talking crap.

"Our disposable culture is terrible. We should be harnessing all the wind and wave energy available from living on the coast."

Damien Weedon

Damien Weedon,
33,designer, Hove

"The Green Party has quite a following here.

I suppose it is because the council deals with all the recycling and stuff.

"In other places it's more your own endeavour. There are things which should be going on that aren't, though.

"Public transport should be cheaper, prices discourage people.

There should be more for cyclists.

"I've lived here for eight years and I've not noticed a massive increase in a push for awareness."

Jim White
Jim White,
36, government officer for East Sussex County Council, Brighton

"People always talk about recycling but it's such a side issue.

"We should be making it prohibitive for people to drive into the centre of town.

Of course we want to bring the money in but it's horrible when you see the seafront with queues of traffic and people trying to get some fresh air.

It's time to develop a transport infrastructure and make it too expensive for people to drive into town."

Ralph Saunders
Ralph Saunders,
39, accountant, Hove

"I assume we have just as many cars and un-insulated lofts as everyone else.

"I thought the old £1-anywhereby- bus fare was fantastic. It's too expensive now.

You have to balance cars and the economy but Brighton has good travel links and I'd like to see more bits pedestrianised to make the point.

"I don't understand the new tower development at the marina. In ten years the lobby will be under water anyway."