A fundraising campaign for surgery to change a little boy’s life has now passed the £42,000 mark.

With less than a month to go before Oliver Poinsignon has his operation, family and friends have raised more than three-quarters of their £52,000 target. The Argus Appeal helped with a donation of £5,000 after launching a campaign at the end of last year to help raise the rest of the money needed.

Oliver's operation is now set for February 7 but the money raised is needed to not only cover the cost of surgery, but also the expensive equipment and follow-up physiotherapy he will need.


Oliver, five, has cerebral palsy, and finds it difficult to get around because of extremely tight and painful muscles in his legs and this will get worse as he gets older and grows.

The operation, called selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR), will help him walk more easily.

Oliver lives with his mother in Ashurst, near Steyning, and his father Jean Marc Poinsignon lives in Brighton.

Mr Poinsignon said: “It is amazing and very touching to get such help and support from your local community and local businesses. Many thanks to all The Argus readers who donated to Oliver. Because of beautiful people like you, Oliver will soon be on his feet, with his heels flat on the floor, walking like any other little boy.

“Many, many thanks to all from Julie, myself and little Oliver.

“SDR surgery is not routinely available on the NHS and, because it is so expensive and still relatively new, it will normally only be given the go- ahead following an application for funding if all other options have been explored.”

The Argus:

Oliver’s surgeons in London believe the sooner he has the operation the better but the original application for NHS funding was rejected. The amount raised currently stands at just over £41,000 and the fundraising will continue until the target is hit.

Any money raised over the target will be donated to the Tree of Hope charity, which is helping with the fundraising campaign.

Any individuals or businesses interested in making a donation to help the family hit the fundraising target should contact the campaign via Facebook SDR4Oliver or visit justgiving.com/SDR4Oliver.