Could you be the lucky gambler who is oblivious they have a ticket worth £1 million?

The National Lottery has confirmed a seven-figure EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle ticket bought in Brighton and Hove remains unclaimed, with the deadline for the lottery winner to come forward edging closer.

Lottery organisers say it is “extremely rare” for a prize of this magnitude to remain unclaimed so close to the deadline of 11pm on January 22.


If the money is not claimed before the deadline, the £1 million plus the interest it has accrued since the draw on July 26 will go to good causes.

The winning raffle number is BZP 410507 and the holder of the winning ticket had 180 days to claim their money after the draw was made.

Camelot is set to launch a publicity campaign in the upcoming days to avoid a repeat of the unclaimed £64 million EuroMillions ticket from Stevenage which expired in December 2012.

A Camelot spokesman said: “Anecdotally, it’s rare for prizes of this size to get to this point.

“Usually the reasons behind it are that the person might be on holiday at the time the draw was made and having got back home they haven’t got round to checking their tickets.

“The other common one is people can be habitual in their checking, store them up for a couple of months and the check them all in one go.

“We hold the money in trust for 180 days and after that the prize money plus any interest accrued will be given to good causes.

“If someone tries to claim even an hour or a day after the deadline, we can’t give them the money.

“The licence we operate under is huge and full of appendices and with the rules printed on the back of tickets.

“If we started mucking around with the rules, we would lose the integrity of the lottery.”

Any amount above £50,000 must be claimed in person at the winner’s home, another agreed location or at a regional centre.

Payment will be made by cheque or direct credit and the winner will be required to complete a prize claim form and provide proof of identity.

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