Two Argus correspondents wrote about the standard of television programmes on offer over the festive period (Letters, January 4).

One hopes the licence fee will be abolished in 2015.

There seems to be a certain arrogance within the BBC, which thinks it knows what is best for viewers.

Other than Strictly, I am not aware of anyone rushing back to watch the likes of MasterChef or cringe-worthy panel shows such as Would I Lie To You?

Even the soap opera EastEnders, supposedly for TV addicts, is losing viewers, yet the BBC repeats this.

The irony is that Strictly is scheduled too early so most of us miss it.

I believe BBC executives wrongly assume viewers will watch The X Factor on ITV instead. Sorry, I would rather tend to the washing up. Surely The X Factor has had its day.

Betty Childs, Westbourne Villas, Hove

In an attempt to emulate Scrooge with all his meanness, and no doubt trying to save money, this “Christmas past” has been the most boring ever from the BBC.

It was all constant repeats of old films and plays, numerous cookery programmes, all seen so many times.

Why were there no amusing or up-to-date pantomimes, variety shows or musicals? These used to make Christmas such a festive season.

Michael Williams, Southwick Square, Southwick