I felt I had to write in response to the well-publicised “Gollygate” drama at Brighton and Hove City Council, recently perpetuated through your Letters pages.

Bizarrely, Councillor Dawn Barnett, who represents the Conservatives in Hangleton and Knoll ward, has been found guilty of bringing the council into disrepute by speaking of golly dolls, a traditional British children’s toy.

Anyone who knows anything about Coun Barnett knows she hasn’t got a racist bone in her body. She is a decent, caring and effective public servant.

As I understand, the group of individuals behind this complaint are council employees themselves. May I suggest if there has been any disrepute brought on the council, it has been generated by this group.

I intend writing to the chief executive of the council asking for confirmation of what disciplinary action is now planned for them.

Trevor Alford, former Conservative councillor, Portslade