Bin misery for hundreds of Brighton and Hove householders continues.

Due to a cost-cutting reorganisation of rounds and disruption due to the festive break, waste is piling up across Brighton and Hove.

Despite the local authority apologising for the inconvenience and stating it had brought in extra crews to catch up, householders are still complaining of disruption.

Tristram Bradley, of Horizon Close, off Old Shoreham Road, Portslade, said: “I’ve rung the council four times and still not sorted it out.

“If it’s not collected soon we will not be able to get anywhere.”


Ben Simmonds, of Freshfield Road, Brighton, said: “I wouldn't normally make a fuss but the recycling collection service seems to have fallen apart.

“Despite numerous phone calls we have had no recycling collection since Christmas, and yes our recycling was out on the correct days. It has now been out on the street for almost a fortnight.”

But Conservative councillor Dawn Barnett said: “It’s no good putting all the blame on Cityclean.

They have done the best they can in the torrential weather.”