Hundreds of abandoned pets face another year without a loving home.

The county’s rescue centres are full to bursting point and stretched budgets mean volunteers are struggling to survive.

With the new year we are re-launching our Give a Pet a Home campaign.

Over the last few years you have responded by re-homing hundred of unwanted and unloved pets.


However, we need your help once again.

We are calling on our readers to: l Head down to the nearest shelter when thinking of getting a new pet.

  • Make sure pets are neutered or spayed at the earliest opportunity to spare any unwanted accidents.
  • Think long and hard about whether you have the time, money, health and inclination to care for a pet for its whole life.

While there is no simple answer, shelter owners are calling for tighter regulation of micro-chipping and breeding.

Ron Ayres, of Lost Cats Brighton, said: “Micro-chipping should be law.

It’s as simple as that.

“It would stop street breeders dumping cats and would help us reunite lost cats with their owners a lot quicker.

“The trouble is a lot of people think they can make a quick few quid from breeding. When they can’t sell them they dump them on us.

“It is a difficult time and we need all the help we can get.

“We are full. We’re taking cats all the time so we’re always looking for new owners.”

It is a similar story across the county with nearly all shelters full to capacity.

Although barely scratching the surface, we are today featuring a number of unwanted pets from the ABC Animal Sanctuary in Pulborough, Dogs Trust in Shoreham and Lost Cats Brighton in Portslade.

If you can help any of those featured then call the numbers below the picture.

Alternatively look for your local shelter in our directory.

Mack & Tosh

The Argus:

This pair of male pygmy goats were re-homed after another shelter shut down. The delightful pair play together all day long and would make a fantastic addition to any family with a bit of space. Call ABC Animal Sanctuary on 01798 81 2508.


The Argus:

Max is a placid soul who takes time to build his confidence with people.

However, once he gets to know you he is a real softy.

He will need a bit of training and plenty of confidence building games. He needs owners of a similar temperament – easy going, friendly and active.

An adult home where he’s the only dog would be best along with a secure garden with a fence of at least 6ft.

Call Dogs Trust Shoreham on 01273 452576


The Argus:

Oakley loves nothing more than playing with his toys.

Therefore he will need an energetic owner to keep him busy.

He is fun, playful and full of love.

He is still in need of a bit of training but is bright and enjoys learning.

Ideally he would have plenty of doggie friends and is happy to live with children of 13 years or more.

Call Dogs Trust Shoreham on 01273 452576.

Ronnie & Reggie

The Argus:

Ronnie and Reggie are a lovable pair. The three-year-old brothers are neutered tabbies and very friendly. They love nothing more than plenty of fuss and cuddles. It would be preferable for them to be re-homed together.

Call ABC Animal Sanctuary on 01798 81 2508


The Argus:

Spot is entering the twilight years of his life and is looking to settle down.

The 14-year-old is a real looker with a lovely black and white spot on his chest.

He came to the centre as a stray and is neutered.

He would prefer a nice quiet home where he can relax. Call ABC Animal Sanctuary on 01798 81 2508

Hamish and Hogan


The Argus:

Hamish and Hogan are the best of friends.

The Shetland ponies were taken in as a pair and would need to be re-homed together. Their beautiful coats are thick and black in the winter. Come the summer, they shed their coats leaving them nearly white.

Hamish is the more timid of the two and can be tricky to catch.

However, he is improving. Call ABC Animal Sanctuary on 01798 81 2508

Autumn & Peter

The Argus:

This gorgeous pair are the best of buddies and must be re-homed together. The brother and sister are very nervous but are getting used to being touched and stroked.

Ideally whoever rehomes them will be able to dedicate a great deal of time to them and provide them with love and attention to make them feel secure. Call ABC Animal Sanctuary on 01798 81 2508


The Argus:

Narcissus is a beautiful bird who has been at the rescue centre for several years.

He has a damaged leg and as a result walks with a bit of a limp.

He is unable to roost at night in a tree so will need a secure area to keep him safe from foxes and predators.

If you are interested in rehoming him then he will need to be with his friend, Snowdrop.

Call ABC Animal Sanctuary on 01798 81 2508


The Argus:

Frankie is an active so-and-so who loves nothing more than going for muddy walks.

He gets on with most dogs and is happy around children older than 10 years.

He would benefit from being with a family with a big garden in a rural location.

Bags of energy are essential. Call Dogs Trust Shoreham on 01273 452576.