This eye-catching piano played is back on the market just weeks after being bought at a charity auction.

The Mumford and Sons’ steampunk piano is available to anyone with a spare £3,000 today.

Current owners Luke Hartery and Lee Reed drunkenly bought the specially modified piano at a charity auction organised by Lewes Round Table on November 27.


In the cold light of day and with clear heads, the Lewes pair realised they had nowhere to keep it, so have put it up for sale on eBay.

Mumford fans have until 4pm today (Saturday) to bid for the unique item, which was donated by the Grammy award-winning folksters and modified by pupils at Priory School in Lewes, where Mr Hartery was once a student.

It was created to mark the band’s two-day Gentleman of the Road Stopover festival held in July in Lewes and was on display throughout the event.

Mr Hartery, an electrician, said that a Mumford member even played the piano at the festival but had to be taken off it when crowds got out of control.

The original auction raised money for St Peter and St James Hospice and the 25-year-old said he hopes to donate even more money to the Lewes charity if he sells the piano.

Until now the piano has been stored at the furniture stored owned by his parents, Sussex Grange Furniture in Clayhill.

He said: “I went to a charity auction in November and ended up bidding on it and winning.

“I had quite a bit to drink on the day and now I have sort of realised that I don’t really want it and I don’t have anywhere to put it.

“I have been keeping it at my parent’s store which is lucky I guess but they are getting a bit sick of it.

“I am hoping I will get a bid though I am a bit worried that I priced it a bit high.

“I can’t even play the piano although a lot of people have all had a little go on it.

“It’s perfectly fine, it just needs a bit of tuning.”

To bid for the piano visit