There is no need to put a tiger in your tank with this green cruising machine.

Paul Ellis, 41, turned heads when he glided through Brighton’s North Laine on a brand new Yo Cycle.

The device from the Far East is an electrically-powered unicycle with a 40km range that can travel at speeds of up to 17km/h – and director of Yo Cycle Mr Ellis wants to bring it to the streets of Sussex.


He said: “I’ve been living in the Far East for a little while, saw the product, and really liked what I saw.

Marketable “I think it’s a really marketable product because of its green credentials, it’s got a long range because of its mobile phone technology and it travels at about jogging speed.

“It’s a gyroscope design, so it works in a similar way to a segway except it’s got two footpedals and it’s much easier to handle.

“To move forward you push down on the balls of your feet and you lean back to slow down and stop.

“It takes a little while to master – but I was up and running in just three hours.”

The devices can legally be used in cycle lanes and Mr Ellis believes the product’s practicality out-performs current transport options.

He added: “There’s a lot of people using these fold-away bikes and they can cost anything between £800 and £1,000.

“The Yo Cycle is smaller, neater and more compact and a similar price.

“It’s practical – it’s good for taking on trains, getting about the city, walking the dog. I use it every day.

“So many people now are modifying their mountain bikes and road bikes so that they’re electrically-assisted or powered and this is exactly the same.”

After only being in business for ten days, 30 Yo Cycles have already been sold, with a price tag of £835 each.

Mr Ellis added: “The reaction has been very positive because I think it’s a bit of a jaw-dropping product.

“We have sold a number of them already and we’re expecting sales to snowball.

“The next thing for us is to spread the word and get out to as many festivals as we can.

“We’ve been in touch with a number of pharmaceutical companies and big marketing companies, but it’s still early days.

“Brighton being such a green city was part of the reason we decided to try and launch it here.”