I hope one of your readers may remember being evacuated to Linthwaite near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire in early 1941.

I have lived here all my life and a few weeks ago was invited to share memories of the Second World War with children in a local school. Talk turned to wartime evacuees and led me to wonder if some of those who came to us during this difficult time are still alive now.

In 1941, my parents were told to accommodate a child evacuee from elsewhere. My mother was pregnant at the time, which made things difficult, so we were sent a teacher instead. Miss Frieda Gott, a teacher from Hove, having seen her pupils safely accommodated, arrived at our house late one evening after a long, tiring journey.

She did not stay with us for long but she returned many times and my parents visited her in Lorna Road, Hove. She died in a residential home in East Anglia, my wife and I last seeing her in August 1985.

The only other evacuees I can recollect are the Marshall sisters, possibly named June and Denise, who stayed with a couple in the bungalow next to our house. They would be in their mid-80s now.

If you know someone who was evacuated to Linthwaite, please write to me – Stones Mount, 50 Stones Lane, Linthwaite, Huddersfield HD7 5PD – or call 01484 842067.