By Callum Cyrus

OSTEOARTHRITIS sufferers in Hove have been urged to undertake physical exercise in a campaign backed by MP Mike Weatherley.

Arthritis Research UK’s Keep Moving campaign is aimed at the estimated 8 million people who have reported problems with osteoarthritis - mechanical abnormalities which erode the cartilage and prohibit the easy movement of their joints.

The charity encourages the use of physical activities which build both strengthening and stretching exercises into a daily routine, without overdoing it.

Medical director Professor Alan Silman said: “It’s vital to keep your joints moving to keep them supple and healthy.

“It’s important for people with osteoarthritis to exercise at a level that suits them with activities that they find fun and that are appropriate for their condition.”

Mr Weatherley met with representatives of the charity before Christmas and has promised to raise issues on their behalf with his ministerial colleagues.

He said: “Unfortunately, joint pain and stiffness caused by osteoarthritis can have a major impact on people’s lives.

"I was interested to learn from Arthritis Research UK that at the right level exercise can ease stiffness, improve joint movement and strengthen muscles.

"The Keep Moving campaign is an excellent initiative that I was very happy to support.”