A cyclist ‘shaming’ web page showing people riding on pavements has kick-started a lively debate about dangerous roads.

‘Shame on Cyclists’, recently set up by a Worthing resident on Twitter and Facebook, wants to put a stop to the “irresponsible, inexcusable and brainless” behaviour of riding on pavements.

But it has prompted a strong reaction from cyclists who said dangerous roads, a lack of cycle paths and aggressive drivers were forcing some onto the pavements.

Pauline Greenfield said on the Facebook page: “This really irritates me as where can cyclists feel safe in Worthing except for on the pavement?

“I was cycling on the road in Worthing then got hit from behind by a careless driver. It’s now ten years later and I have had seven leg operations and I am now permanently disabled, all because of a driver not showing consideration to me. I know all too well how dangerous our roads are and would never go in the road again as I'm still terrified.”

Rebecca Frew said: “I cycle on the pavement as I have a four-year-old in a seat on the back.

“I’m not travelling at 30mph so I don’t see the problem; far safer than being on the roads.

“I haven't knocked anyone over or had any complaints. If cyclists show consideration to pedestrians and vice versa then there is no problem.”

Toby Wilson added: “The berks who wander along in the cycle lane on the seafront infuriate me, lack of consideration cuts both ways.”

But Paul Gordon said: “Cyclists in Worthing are a bloody pest. As a pedestrian, I'm often shouted at to move... and I’m on the pavement.

“When I was a kid, the coppers would clip you around the ear.”

Fixed penalty notices can be issued to cyclists riding on a footway. But Home Office guidance says fines should only be issued when a cyclist is endangering others.

The creator of the page, a council worker who declined to give his name, said: “It’s just not on having some yob speed past you on the pavement. It’s lazy.

“The name is ‘shame on cyclists’ but it’s not supposed to be vilifying all cyclists.

“We’re talking about people who don’t have lights or safety gear with no regard for pedestrians.”

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