A geography teacher from Hove has become an unlikely TV star after appearing in the BBC3 reality show Tough Young Teachers.

Privately educated Chloe Shaw, 24, is one of six top graduates followed by TV cameras as she teaches geography to GCSE pupils at the Archbishop LanFranc School in Croydon, a state secondary school ranked 'satisfactory' by Ofsted in 2012.

As the second episode of the six-part series was aired last night, the teacher, who grew up in Hove and attended Brighton and Hove High School, said: “It has been a very interesting experience because it has opened my eyes to the issue of inequality in the education system in this country. I hope that as a teacher I can make some sort of impact on that.”

The premise of the show is that viewers can watch as privately educated trainee teachers, recruited by the charity Teach First on a fast-track training scheme, are placed in “challenging” schools.

The BBC was given unprecedented access to Teach First, whose aim is to end inequality in education, to make the show, which has another four episodes to run.

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