A theft at a Hove pub has left the locals all shook up.

A 6ft model of legendary singer Elvis has been stolen from the roof of The Nevill.

Landlady Adrienne Lover said: "We are missing him and we want him back."

The plaster model is so heavy it took three men to lift it into place six months ago. Wearing his famous spangly white jumpsuit, Elvis stood on top of the 12ft high flat roof above the saloon bar of the pub in Nevill Road.

But on Wednesday night, thieves pinched the King, leaving only his feet, which were snapped off, behind.

Adrienne, 37, said neither she nor her partner Michael Greaves nor her fiveyear- old daughter Kara, who live in a flat above the pub, heard anything.

She said: "One of the regulars came into the pub the following morning and asked where Elvis had gone. At first I thought he had blown down and then I saw he was gone.

"I do feel pretty upset. It feels like nothing is sacred."

She said Elvis had become a popular attraction since he was bought from a friend and put on the roof of the pub, which is currently for sale.

Regular customers grew fond of him and passers-by took photographs.

Elvis fans would call in for a drink and recently 20 people who had just attended an Elvis convention turned up.