A lifeboat crew has assured the public it will be business as usual as they move out of their home and into a temporary base.

The volunteer crew at Brighton RNLI Lifeboat Station is moving to a temporary new home as its current home is being demolished as part of a £235 million expansion of Brighton Marina.

The station will be rebuilt a few hundred yards away, with better facilities and a kiosk to support the charity's fundraising activities.

The floating boathouse which houses the crew's Atlantic 85 class lifeboat will also be moved elsewhere in the marina once the redevelopment begins.

The crew have had a station at the marina since December 1979 and on their current site since 2000.

The cost of the new building will be met by the marina's developers.

The new station will be finished before the end of the first phase of development, which is expected to be completed by June 2016.

Roger Cohen, Brighton RNLI's lifeboat operations manager, said the move will not affect the crew's ability to launch on the lifesaving rescue missions.

He said: “We will be moving to temporary facilities but it will be very much business as usual for the volunteers.

“In the long run we will actually benefit because developers Brunswick have factored a new lifeboat station into their plans for the marina development, so the end result will be a newer station.”