Good morning, and hello strangers - I am ressurecting my blog of the best of Brighton and Hove blogosphere. 

The city is going through very interesting times, probably no more so than for our local councillors, many of whom now have their own blogs. 

But it's not any of those which I am going to highlight today. Instead, this piece by Hanover activist (and my neighbour, as it happens) Dani Ahrens explores how the role of a councillor can be very different to how people perceive it to be. 

The daughter of two local councillors, she says that it can be a "bizarre experience" - being regarded as omnipotent by residents and the media and yet largely irrelevant and occasionally irritating by officers (her words are far more nuanced, so please click through).

After two bouts of maternity leave in two years, my grasp of the city's blog scene has slipped somewhat.

If you know of a blog about Brighton and Hove which you think I should be reading, please drop me a line at, @brightonargusjo, or in the comments below.