By Francesca Greetham

The stage with a sea view is back for 2014 as Rottingdean Arts hosts a variety of performances on the beachfront terraces.

With an assortment of events taking place around Rottingdean, there is something to suit everybody from Sunday, February 2 until Saturday, November 22.

Rottingdean Arts has organised public and private events since 2011 and aims to raise £45,000 to fully equip the Terraces Stage.

The previously neglected promenade was transformed by Dr Roy Wales, director of the Spring Music.

He said: “I had the idea to create a stage there because it has a natural platform.”

The development was supported by sponsors including the Rottingdean Parish Council, which is currently supporting plans to increase disabled access to the terrace.

Council clerk James Simister said: “Rottingdean Arts provides lots of free entertainment for local people, which we’re interesting in subsidising.”

Mr Simister explained that Rottingdean Arts is received positively by the public, with previous events being very well attended.

The 2014 programme starts with the Spring Music Festival in February.

This will feature an array of talent from intimate music recitals to an opera dinner.

Anyone interested in getting involved can attend a Jazz workshop or dance along to the Latin American band on Saturday, March 15.

Summer and autumn events range from concerts to plays which will be held throughout the village.

See the listings and find out more on

To request a programme or book tickets in advance, call 01273 308779.

Lines are open Monday to Friday 9.30am–4.30pm and Saturday 10am–4pm.