Patcham residents are being advised to prepare to possibly evacuate their homes due to flooding.

Brighton and Hove City Council has said the groundwater level in the area has risen sharply due to the heavy rain.

It has sent a letter to residents saying groundwater level had reached 40m AOD (Above Ordnance Datum) and advised affected residents to take some precautions as information from the Environment Agency suggests the water level may rise further. 

If the level reaches 45m AOD, local basements will be flooded and there will be some ground floor flooding.




At these levels the risk is confined to properties along the north end of Old London Road and the lower part of the Ladies’ Mile Road. If levels rise further the area affected could extend.

The council is advising residents to make plans to stay with friends or relatives in case people need to leave their house.

They should prepare a bag with clothing, medicines and any other essentials and consider pets and move personal or sentimental items to safety.

During the flooding the electricty could fail, sewage might not drain away and accessing properties might be difficult.

Patcham councillor Geoffrey Theobald said: "I am not aware of residents evacuating at the moment but obviously there is considerable concern.

"It is more likely that we will reach a stage where we may need to evacuate next week, if the levels rise it is usually a few days after that the water comes down over the hills."

Engineers are giving out sandbags to those who are most likely to be affected by the flooding.

The council's environmental health team will monitor the risk of any water contamination.

Its adult social care team is in contact with known vulnerable adults in the area, and will establish a rest centre in the event that evacuation is required.

Further information and advice on what to do before or during a flood is available on the Environment Agency website or by calling the Floodline on 0845 988 1188.