The King is back. A 6ft model of Elvis Presley is safely home again after being stolen from the roof of a pub in Hove.

The Argus reported on Friday how Mike Greaves and Adrienne Lover of the Nevill Pub were left scratching their heads after the plaster model of the legendary singer disappeared overnight.

It had taken three men to lift the Elvis model into place on a 12ft high flat roof six months ago. However, Mr Greaves, Ms Lover and her daughter Kara, five, who live in a flat above the pub, did not hear a thing when it was removed.

Mr Greaves said: "I am delighted to say Elvis is back in the building. It turned out that a boy was coming home early in the morning and decided to take the model home to his mum, who is a big fan.

"She knew nothing about where he had got it from until she opened up The Argus and saw the story. She immediately made him bring the model back. He will also be helping me to scrub out the cellar for a few hours as well as a way of saying sorry."

When the model Elvis was taken, he was snapped off and his feet left behind so he needs to be repaired before he can go back on the roof again.

Mr Greaves said: "It should take about a week and then we are going to plan a special Elvis night around the end of January."