Sometimes when I'm reading my Brighton blog reader I feel weirdly voyeuristic, as some of the posts are very personal and yet I've never met the people involved. 

But this week, I'm highlighting two blogs written by people I've actually met. Yes, bloggers are real people too! 

The first is Glossary, by stylist Fleur Debruyne of Rottingdean. More often the posts feature her stunningly gothic photographs, often taken in Brighton and Hove where Fleur lives. 

But her deconstruction of Dorothy Perkins' current offering of floral dresses had me in stitches (no pun intended) and so it's this I'm sharing with you today

Fleur pulls no punches. Her first selection of frocks are dismissed with a barely a withering second glance. One is described as the "mullet equivalent of the dress world". Another's print can be mistaken for "displaced nipples" and wearers of the last are told: "The fat lady has definitely sung, taken a bow to limited applause and disappeared behind the tatty curtain on this one."

You really want to see those displaced nipples now, right? 

She also selects some dresses which are more desirable, if you are in the market for a flowery dress. 

My second blog is by Myfanwy Nixon, who I think I've already featured on here years ago. She now has another blog, myf draws apparently. And apparently she does, very often, and with lovely results. 

On Saturday, she took part in Hourly Comics Day, drawing a cartoon every hour. On most people's paper, this would have been a humdrum day involving shoe shopping, maths homework and watching telly. 

But Myfanwy's keen powers of observation turn the everyday into a charming tale of Brighton life, from spotting the UKIP badge on the aging punk's clothes to a feminist crisis of conscience over the purchase of trainers with pink bits on. 

I hope you enjoy them both as much as I did.