1 - In the small community of Littleworth, near Partridge Green, walk west from the Mill Lane bus stop for about 250 yards to locate and cross a stile on the right, next to ornamental gates.

Follow the hedge-enclosed footpath, behind outbuildings, to a second stile leading to a paddock. Walk to the top left paddock corner and a three-way path junction.

Go left over a stile and immediately turn right down the field edge, passing through a metal gate. Keep direction down the next field, beside hedgerow, to arrive beside a stile and adjacent path sign.

2 - Turn right along a surfaced track and in a few yards divert left over a grass bank, crossing a stile in hedgerow.

In the next field, turn right along the field edge for about 50 yards; Chuck’s Farm is on the right, and there turn left, as signed, to the far side of the field, passing through a metal gate. Walk ahead along a hedge-enclosed track and then over a paddock, to pass through a gate on to a gravel drive at Lancaster’s Farm.

Go across the drive, aiming for a gap between a stable block and a wooden barn. When beside the barn, divert left towards a field gate, pass through and climb into a wide field.

Walk along the left hedgeline for about 200 yards and go left through a metal gate, resuming direction along the hedge to the field corner. From the corner, go left for 30 yards and go right through a gate, with Well Land Farm ahead.

3 - Turn right up the field edge, crossing a bridge and gate at the top of the field. Continue along the right hedgerow, making for Moon Wood. Keep left of the woodland, staying in the meadow, heading towards the prominent, ancient, and now dilapidated, wooden barn. The barn is timber-framed with plank facings, containing an animal stall and, doubtless, much Wealden farming history.

From the barn, walk ahead with Moon Wood on the right. As newer farm buildings come into view, cross a stile in the facing fence and bear right across the farmyard.

A few paces after an open-sided barn turn left (do not go through the yard entrance on the right). Cross in front of the barn, making for a stile in the far right corner of the yard. In the next field walk along the edge of the woods to the right corner, pass between gateposts and in a few yards turn left along the left hedgerow. (A trodden path diagonally across the field to the far corner is an option but is not the true footpath line.) If you stay on the designated footpath, walk to the left corner and there go right to the far left field corner.

In the following fields bear slightly left, cross a stile and climb towards hedgerow. About 30 yards from the right field corner, among the bushes, locate and cross two stiles to the roadside.

4 - Great care is required at this point as the very busy A272 road must be crossed to the opposite grass verge. Turn right along the verge for about 50 yards and go left through the hedgerow on a footbridge into a rising field. Bear left up the field towards trees, with power cables overhead.

Go left in the copse, turning right over a stile and bearing left to cross a second stile. Turn right down the next field edge, passing a derelict building, to the field corner. Turn left from the corner and at the bottom corner of the field bear right through a gate on to a driveway leading to Smallham Farm.

Turn right on the driveway, passing farm buildings and cottages, and go through a gate that leads across the front of Smallham Farmhouse. With the last of the farm buildings on the right, turn left through a tall deer gate into a plantation.

Do not follow the obvious trodden path ahead across the plantation but go left of a picnic table, descending beside the left fence to a second tall gate in 150 yards. The gate leads on to the Downs Link Path, the former railway that ran between Horsham and Shoreham, and now a popular bridleway.

5 - Turn left, southward, on the track and in about one-third of a mile steam into the former West Grinstead Station. This former hub of Wealden communication has a railway carriage, some crossing gates, platforms and the adjacent stationmaster’s house. Walk south, passing through the tunnel beneath the A272. Continue for just over half a mile (ignoring a left turn after one third of a mile) and at a four-way marker post turn left.

Descend the steep embankment, crossing a stile to follow the left hedgerow for 350 yards towards Well Land Farm. Pass through a wooden kissing gate to a three-way signpost near farm buildings.

Turn right on the surfaced drive, heading south for 400 yards to a signed left turn at a field gate. Bear very slightly left across the field, descending into a gully, crossing a stream and climbing to cross a stile.

6 - Head across the next field towards the distant Chuck’s Farm and, when at the point we were at earlier, do not go through the gate but turn right up the field edge. Pass through a gate, continuing to the top of the earlier descended field, going left over a stile at the top corner.

From the three-way junction go left over a second stile, following the enclosed path across the top of the hill and crossing a stile beside a stable building. Keep direction down the next paddock, crossing a stile and plank bridge to the roadside.

Turn right into Littleworth, passing The Windmill pub, and continuing for 200 yards to Mill Lane. Turn right for a few yards to the bus stop or parked vehicles.

Distance/Time: Five miles, taking two and a half hours

By Car: Turn west off the A281 Henfield to Cowfold road on to Partridge Green Road (B2116) for nearly one mile to enter the village. Turn north on to Littleworth Lane for about one mile and go west into Mill lane for parking. Start point grid ref: TQ192203

By Public Transport: Stagecoach bus number 17 from Brighton or Horsham; alight at bus stop in Mill Lane, Littleworth. Travel details from www.traveline.info or 0871 200 2233.

What’s underfoot: Low Weald circular walk mainly across fields, with no steep inclines. Many stiles and plank bridges of variable quality and slippery when wet. Paths and fields liable to be very muddy after prolonged rain. Possible with a baby back-pack, but tough going. Not possible with an off-road baby buggy

Thirsty Work: The Windmill pub (currently undergoing renovation) in Littleworth near the end of the walk

So you don’t get lost: OS Explorer map 134, plus a compass for general direction

Click here for a full-sized map of the Littleworth walk