A family business in Kemp Town is turning heads with a bizarre new grooming trend - beard oil.

Ema Findley, 30, and brothers Matt and Jimmy Wood, 37 and 35, have set up Bear Face to help bearded gents tame their manes, keep them smelling sweet and improve skin care.

Jimmy said: “Beards are like a smell trap. If you walk past a burger van or hang around smokers, they will pick that up. If you have a partner with a beard, our oils will make it something you are not hassling them to get rid of.”

Did this story make you chuckle? Here are some more recent quirkies to tickle your fancy:

Rusty the Hobo, a mix of smoke, peat, bonfires, BBQs and whisky, is the latest in a range of blends of essential oils and natural ingredients made with the help of Ema's mother Rosalind, a registered aromatherapist.

From their St James's Street base they ship to New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Finland and America, where there are already a number of established brands of beard oil.

Paul Hewitt, 37, owner of AONO barbershop on Lewes Road, said: “We have been giving out Bear Face and it is incredible.

“I was desperate to find a good beard oil because a lot of the products I used before bring up a rash.

“This one doesn't get dry and you don't get beardruff - beard dandruff. It does tremendous stuff to your beard.”

For more information visit areyoubearface.com.