These four prospective landlords are hoping to revive the “art of conversation” with Brighton and Hove’s first micropub.

Hove couples Rick and Ruth Evans and Dave and Ali White are looking to convert York House Wines off-licence in Richardson Road in Hove into the city’s first micropub.

So far the growing micropub scene has failed to conquer Sussex with The Anchored in Worthing the only current recognised micropub in the county.

But the quartet hope to change all that.

They are hoping to create a more traditional and communal pub atmosphere where customers come to enjoy real ale, local ciders and wine.

The no-frills model means no music, no quiz machines and even no bar.

The only food customers can enjoy will be what they bring in themselves.

The pub will be staffed predominately by teachers Ali and Ruth, who have been looking for a new challenge.

The quartet were inspired by a visit to a Kent micropub last summer and the idea has taken off from there.

Opening times will be noon to 2pm and 5pm to 9pm with later openings on Friday and Saturday nights until 11pm.

Bexhill-based WithSoul will be supplying the micropub with four to five real ales each week.

The team hope to open by the summer if permission is granted by Brighton and Hove City Council’s planning committee in April with six weeks of refurbishment needed including insulation for sound proofing.

Rick said: “We are trying to explain that a micropub is nothing like a normal pub.

“There will be no music at all, we are keeping things simple, people just go in and talk.

“We are reintroducing the art of conversation.”

Ali said: “There are no micropubs in the whole of East Sussex but it’s only a short matter of time and if we don’t do it somebody else will.

“We think we can add to the vibrancy of the road.

“We do use the butchers, we use the cafe and we are excited to be part of this community.

“We are not competing against these traders, what we are offering is nothing these traders are offering.”

Dave said: “This is like a village in one road and we will be the village pub.

“A lot of people don’t like the new type of pub where you can’t actually hear each other.”