A 25-year-old has been jailed for six years after biting and strangling another man with his own jumper.

Christopher Robb, formerly of Newick Road, Brighton, launched the attack – which police described as “vicious and sustained" - in March last year following an evening spent drinking and smoking cannabis.

Robb was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on Friday having previously pleaded guilty to assault.

The court was told on March 15, 2013, Robb travelled to a flat in London Road, Southborough, Kent, which was shared by two associates of Robb.

The three were joined by a group of other people including the 38 year-old victim and spent the evening drinking and smoking cannabis.

After midnight other guests had gone home and the homeowners had gone to bed, and Robb and the victim were the only people left in the lounge.

A Kent Police statement said: “Robb then began a prolonged assault on the victim, which included strangling him with his own jumper, repeatedly banging his head, and stamping on his leg. The victim also recalled Robb threatening to mutilate him with a knife.

“Police attended the flat following a call from ambulance crews after the victim had woken on a sofa with multiple injuries.

“He was taken to hospital with a fractured nose, a depression to his skull and bruising and swelling to his face, abdomen, neck and upper chest.

"The victim also had a bite mark on his left shoulder, clumps of hair missing and cuts and lacerations to his hands and legs.

“Robb was later arrested and identified by the victim as the offender. Forensic tests on the victim’s t-shirt found Robb’s DNA was present.”

Detective Constable Jeremy Taylor said: “Robb subjected his victim to a horrific and unprovoked attack.

It is only by luck that the assault did not result in even more serious injuries." 

“When Robb was interviewed he refused to comment or give any indication at all as to why he used such wanton violence on a person he had only known for a few hours. This sentence will give him time to reflect on his actions.”