WITH VIDEO: A motorist has been caught on camera apparently barraging a cyclist with a torrent of abuse.

Father-of-four Eddie Bell filmed the altercation as he cycled along Eastbourne Road, Pevensey, at about 11am on Sunday.

Mr Bell claims he had a verbal altercation with the driver of a Jaguar moments before about the car's position on the road.

Mr Bell, who organises Eastbourne Cycling Festival, rode on but said the driver pulled his Jaguar over and ambushed him close to the junction with Martello Road.

The expletive-ridden video, which has been heavily censored by The Argus, shows the man repeatedly swearing at Mr Bell.

The video appears to capture the driver taking a swing at Mr Bell. He said the man's fist clipped his helmet but he was not injured.

The Argus was unable to trace the man in the video.

Mr Bell contacted the police following the incident and said he was set to be visited by officers last night.

Mr Bell denies doing anything to provoke the man's extreme reaction. He said: “I got my camera phone out as I wondered what would happen.

“What happened next was shocking. It was frightening. The man was very aggressive and took a swing at me. He made contact with my helmet but I was not injured. 

"I reported it to Operation Crackdown - Sussex Police's website for reporting anti-social driving - but my friends said it would be more suitable to actually ring up about.

“It's the principle - you cannot treat people like that.”

Mr Bell, who works for Network Rail, said he had cycled around 50 miles on Sunday and was on his way home when the incident happened.

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said: “Police can confirm they have received a report from Mr Bell and have arranged to see him this evening.”

The video was posted on YouTube, and has already been viewed by almost 8,000 people.