I enjoyed the story in The Argus (March 11) regarding Henry Holden who fought at the battle of Little Bighorn in 1876.

I spent more than 25 years researching Henry Holden which resulted in the publication of a book called Custer’s English Soldier.

Prior to living in Rugby Place he lived in Whitehawk Road, next door to the woman he eventually married, Frances Little. She had two sons.

During the Second World War one of her sons was living in Bennett Road and was a bus driver in Brighton. During the last air attack on Brighton in February 1944, he was killed.

After the Battle of Little Bighorn, Holden joined another cavalry unit. Soon after he was kicked by his horse and medically discharged from the Army.

His story is certainly interesting and makes for a good read.

I have made an application for Holden’s name to appear on a local bus, fingers crossed. He certainly deserves that honour.

David Rowland, Harvest Close, Telscombe Cliffs