What is the matter with people? Recently in Letters pages of The Argus, I have seen foxes described as vermin and a suggestion that grass verges should be turned into hard standings to accommodate cars.

The person criticising foxes said they take chickens.

Well, anyone keeping chickens should make sure they’re secure in a run and I’m sure that far more chickens are “taken” by meat-eating humans than by any fox.

And don’t we have enough of our country Tarmaced over for cars?

People used to take such pride in their houses and streets with front gardens, trees and grass verges looked after. Now the gardens are grubbed up for parking and beautiful grass verges churned up by car wheels.

I’ve even seen that happen in areas with large houses and driveways for several cars.

We appear to be losing our souls.

Sue Baumgardt, Stoneham Road, Hove