A comedian has launched a counter proposal to the i360 urging the council to instead use the funding to construct a NASA launch pad.

Brighton stand-up comedian Phil Lucas, posted a proposal on his website to convert the land adjacent to the West Pier into a launch pad for rockets and shuttles.

Mr Lucas said in his proposal: “I remain convinced that the construction and operation of a NASA launch pad next to the beach is the only viable long-term regeneration solution for this neglected part of Brighton.”

Mr Lucas added construction would only require the demolition of 220 properties and the relocation of 5,000 residents from the blast zone.

He also promised the while not in use the launch pad would feature two table tennis tables at the base of the pad and that it would double as a giant climbing frame.

One commenter said: “I am impressed by the background research that has taken place and also see this as the only viable use for this undeveloped area of Brighton and Hove.

“Can we fill the first rocket with seagulls?”