Yesterday morning, something very boring and slightly irritating happened - hundreds of Brighton people were sent an email by a web designer punting for work - myself included. 

So far, so dull - but the hapless designer in question accidentally put all the email addresses in the to field rather than the bcc field, which meant that everyone who received the email was able to reply. 

And they did.

First of all, there was gleeful schadenfraude as people pointed out his mistake - and took the opportunity to sell surfboards, cast iron grates and ask if anyone had a road bike for sale. 

Then, gifs: 

The Argus:

And more - suggestions of meeting up for a picnic, a Facebook page, tweets:


and even a blog post or two (and one more here too, of course). 

It's now becoming dull and irritating once more as people using it to spam each other - but for a brief, wonderful time it raised a laugh, and so I thought I'd share. 

Will the spam picnic ever happen? We'll just have to watch this space . . .

(In the meantime, if you did receive the email and are tempted to reply, beware - Tom Pugh warns that you will get about 50 out of office replies.)