Greens need to do more for hard-pressed cyclists There are not enough cycle parking spaces for the legions of cyclists in the city.

I rode for more than ten minutes around the city centre the other day looking for a free space.

Particularly frustrating were the many racks taken by decaying steeds. I lost count of the number of skeletal frames wrapped around much-needed rails.

Isn’t it time the Greens got to grips with the lack of cycling spaces?

They are bringing the city to its knees with their lack of foresight.

The distinct lack of cycle spaces and disregard for commuters who rely on the roads to get work is a crime – especially in this forward-thinking city with cycling apparently high on the agenda.

Jason Kitcat needs to listen to the concerns of hard-pressed cyclists and families with children who cycle to school.

Roll on the 2015 election when we can finally get rid of this party who do not take the needs of cyclists into account.

D Lancaster, Hanover, Brighton