I almost fell out of my Lycra when I saw the letter saying Brighton and Hove City Council is failing cyclists (Letters, March 21).

It’s achieved more than any administration in 25 years. At last we have some good facilities, particularly Lewes Road and Old Shoreham Road.

And there are signs that there is no longer an “us and them” divide between drivers and other road users – considerate sharing of road space is making our roads safer for all.

True, the Greens haven’t yet flattened any of the city’s steep hills or banished those infuriating headwinds.

But, on their record so far, they’ve been the Sir Bradley Wiggins of cycling facilities for Brighton and Hove, compared with the Lance Armstrongs of the past. Chapeau!

Max Glaskin, Chester Terrace, Brighton

Blimey, D Lancaster really has got his/her knickers in a twist over cycling in the city and has the audacity to blame the Greens who, it seems, are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

Does s/he think that any other party will do more for cyclists?

Things don’t happen overnight anywhere and the improvements have been great. Yes, we need more, but each time there’s an outcry from motorists objecting to the safer conditions for those on bikes.

When I moved here from Denmark at the end of the 1980s there was nothing for cyclists and virtually none on the roads.

Now we have a growing number of cycle paths and parking racks are springing up everywhere.

Failing that there are always trees, lamp posts and street signs to tie bikes to. I’ve never had to search around for a space and I cycle regularly.

Sue Baumgardt, Stoneham Road, Hove

I agree with D Lancaster that more needs to be done for cyclists in the city.

If one wants to cycle in the city, the routes that include safe cycle paths are extremely limited. The cycle lane on Dyke Road, which was designed under a previous administration, is a disgrace. At times it is reduced to barely the width of a bike tyre and that is when it is not filled with parked cars!

The new lanes designed under the Greens give cyclists enough space to ride safely and do not end abruptly, hence they are very popular. I hope the Green Party will be given the opportunity to build more such lanes.

Hove cyclist, address supplied