Nigel Davis says councillors don’t get it on car use (Letters, March 20) but I think he’s the one struggling with the facts.

The last census showed that nearly 40% of city households don’t have access to a car, owned or otherwise. That means just over 60% do. However, Nigel Davis cannot assume that all those 60% want what he does.

I know plenty of car owners who support 20mph, residents’ parking and better pedestrian facilities, bus and cycle lanes. They understand that a car is a useful way of getting around for some journeys but there are many others, particularly within the city, when they would choose to travel by other means.

Among that 60% there are also many households who only have one car. So what happens when one of them drives to work? Is the second person in the household meant to stay in all day?

Then there are households with people without a licence, particularly children. Are we to cage them up and never let them out? They too need good quality and safe alternatives to the car.

It is therefore clearly nonsense to say because there are lots of cars in the city, we have to prioritise them.

Cities all over the world are looking to reduce car use and its impact on residents’ quality of life. It seems in Brighton though that we have a small but vociferous group of dinosaurs who want to take the city backwards. Making the city more attractive, safer and a healthier place to live is not on their agenda. They seem to think that more cars are good, not realising that too many cars will destroy what many people love about the city.

Chris Todd, Planning & Transport Campaigner, Brighton & Hove Friends of the Earth