I read with interest your articles regarding the number of people using bicycles in Brighton now.

I’m sure our council is patting itself on the back but, as a pedestrian, I should like an answer to the following question: Why are cyclists allowed to use the top promenade alongside the A259 between the Sea Life Centre and Brighton Marina? There is a perfectly good cycle lane running along Madeira Drive.

As my husband and I enjoy a walk along the top promenade, it is highly disconcerting to suddenly have a bicycle come quite closely alongside me from behind without any warning.

When told they shouldn’t be using the promenade we are usually met with a torrent of abuse plus the statement, “Oh yes we are.”

About a month ago I wrote to the council asking them if this was correct and got the reply that my query would be passed to the relevant department.

As of yet I have had no reply. If, in fact, the cyclist was correct why has the council spent a lot of money building the cycle path along Madeira Drive?

Mrs B Rittman, Somerset Street, Brighton