A music project says they could be evicted from their base for playing Ella Fitzgerald in the afternoon.

The Rock Inn Music Project says it is looking for a new base after being forced to leave its home of more than a year – because of a single noise complaint.

The project had been based at The Rock Inn in Rock Street, Brighton where it held weekly music sessions with new and experienced artists.

It regularly attracted more than 50 musicians and provided a place for rehearsals and live jams and proved a useful networking tool with several bands forming because of the project.

Organisers had been keen to work with residents and businesses and had made efforts to sound proof the rehearsal space and play at times that suited everyone.

But they were shocked and distraught when they were told they’d have to look for somewhere else to play after one neighbour called the council to complain.

Cat Duval, project leader, said the decision had been devastating for those involved.

“It is such a shame that one person can stop something that is so beneficial for so many and bring legal action against us for playing Ella Fitzgerald at 2pm in the afternoon,” she said.

Now the group is looking to either raise £4,000 for new soundproofing and legal fees or for someone else to take them in.

Musicians who currently use the space said the project had been a driving force in their artistic careers but were now concerned about its future.

Poppy Lavender said: “The Rock Inn Music Project gave me the chance to meet new musicians in the area. The project really helped me to build confidence in my performance. You never knew who would turn up and that shaped an incredible space for creativity and development.”

Steve Churchill added: “The Wednesday jams were the highlight of my week. They helped me gain a lot of confidence playing in front of people. I’ve made lots of good friends and feel a bit like part of my family has been taken away from me.”

Paul Weeden said it was a tragedy the project could shut down because of one person, adding: “Don’t let it stop. Let the Rock n Roll continue.”