Tim Ridgway is probably right in saying the current plans to convert the Hippodrome into an eight-screen cinema is the last chance to save the building (The Argus, April 14).

We do however have some criticisms about the damage that will be inflicted on this wonderful interior, but the damage to Ship Street and Middle Street, both in the Old Town Conservation Area, is even worse.

The cinema entrance in Middle Street is huge and crude and shows no respect for the wonderful, sensitive surrounding streetscape. The cinema chain Vue have a standard scheme for all their cinemas throughout the country, which explains their lack of respect for the quality of the surrounding conservation area in Brighton.

The so-called black mathematical tiles in Ship Street – which are large and dull so do not reflect the light – bear no relation to genuine mathematical tiles, which are brick size, glossy and reflect the light. The fake market gardens in the sky are also ridiculous.

More people will see the exterior of these buildings than will see the interior of the Hippodrome so the surrounding townscape is as important as the Hippodrome itself.

Could the Council treat these items as reserved matters to be dealt with after permission for the Hippodrome itself has been granted, to provide more time to treat the surrounding conservation area with more respect?

Selma Montford, hon secretary, The Brighton Society