Riot police have raided a Brighton squat in Choccywoccydoodah's empty Duke Street shop after a man was found with head injuries this morning,

Officers armed with shields moved into the squat in Duke Street at about 10am this morning. 

The injured man was spotted wandering along the same road shortly before 9am and found by officers at the bottom of North Street. 

A police spokesman said: "He appears to have a cut to his ear and bruising.

"Officers then went to a squat in Duke Street where they arrested a man on suspicion of assault. Other squatters were leaving the premises.

"There are no reports of other injuries. The investigation is at an early stage and no other information is immediately available."

Two more people have since been arrested, bringing the total number of arrests to three. 

Beckie Eaves, who works at Rituals Health and Beauty told the Argus more than 30 squatters were seen leaving the empty shop with police - one of whom had a young labrador puppy. 

She said there were lots of police dogs, and at least 20 officers. 

One of the squatters, George Justice, said they had broken in about two weeks ago and were respecting the place.

He said two days ago, two new squatters came and threw a party and "ruined it for everyone". 

This picture was taken by David Preece and posted on Twitter. 

He also tweeted:

Beckie Eaves tweeted. 

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