A thirsty busker hit a bum note after being refused a cup of tap water at a coffee chain.

Danny McEvoy, from Newhaven, took to the streets of Uckfield last week to entertain passers-by with a guitar and singing performance.

But after arriving in the town’s sun-drenched High Street, Mr McEvoy realised he had forgotten to take a bottle of water and asked staff in Costa Coffee for a cup of tap water.

He said: “I asked for the tap water and the girl asked if I bought anything. I said no, but told her I visited Costa Coffee every week in Lewes and waved my loyalty card at her. But she said I had to purchase something and it was company policy not to give it away for free.

“It is a glass of tap water –the stuff that places leave outside for dogs to drink. So I left and remained thirsty. It was unbelievable.”

Despite the member of staff claiming it was company policy not to serve tap water unless something was purchased, a spokesman for the chain said Mr McEvoy’s request should have been served and they would ensure it would not happen again.

Mr McEvoy added: “I always visit Costa Coffee with my daughter and spend over a fiver a week there.

“I often ask cafes for tap water and they always give me this elixir of life.

“I was in full busking gear, with a big rucksack and rolled up carpet on my back with a guitar strapped over my shoulder.”

Current laws state that restaurants or cafes licensed to serve alcohol must legally provide tap water free of charge.

However Costa Coffee, renowned for its lattes, mochachinos and teas, does not serve alcoholic beverages.

A spokeswoman from Costa Coffee confirmed the incident and said: “Costa can confirm that there was an incident involving the person in question in our High Street, Uckfield, shop.

“As a responsible member of the local community our policy is to provide tap water to our customers should they request it in-store.

“We have been in touch with our store teams in the area to remind them of our tap water policy to ensure that this incident does not occur again.”

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