1 - From the main road (A28), go along the slip road (opposite the Red Lion pub) to enter St George’s churchyard. Follow the path around to the left (south) of the building, which was begun in the 11th century. However, very little remains of the Norman building and most of what is seen dates from the 15th century. There is a window dedicated to St George at the west end of the north aisle; take a look inside, if open.

Leave the churchyard and turn right along the narrow lane. From here, there are extensive views to the left across the Brede Valley towards the ridge at Hastings.

In a short distance, notice the beacon in the field on the right. Before the days of instant communications, a fire was lit in the metal basket on top of the pole, at one of the highest points in the village, as a signal or to warn of danger.

Continue along the lane as it bears left downhill. In just over half a mile, as the ground rises slightly, the red-brick Grade II-listed buildings of Brede Water Heritage site will be seen on the left.

2 - These buildings now house the Brede Steam Giants which are magnificent stationary steam pumping engines. There are open days (free) on the first Saturday of each month and Bank Holiday Mondays from 10am to 4pm – so it is open this holiday weekend. Visit if time allows, there are refreshments and souvenir items on sale.

Continue direction along the lane past a few houses on the left and, in a few paces, go straight ahead through a metal gate with a yellow waymark. Now veer slightly right to follow the very obvious footpath which goes between hedges and alongside fences and through two more gates for about 450 yards.

Now enter a wood and veer slightly left, downhill, to another gate. On either side will be seen our next giants (electricity pylons) and there are more to be seen along our route.

Then follow the farm track to the right and gently uphill, coming to Brook Lodge Farm. Immediately past a large green barn, turn right along the farm drive past oast houses on the left.

3 - At a minor road turn left, then in a few paces turn right into Fryman’s Lane. Follow this lane, which is usually fairly quiet, uphill for about half a mile to pass under power lines, then shortly after bear right at a road junction into Goatham Lane.

[To the left is what is shown as Powdermill Lane on the map, but Reservoir Lane on the road sign.]

4 - In about 175 yards, just past a house and barn, turn right by a fingerpost on a footpath. Go through a small gate and around a barrier, and then past a pond on the right.

Just beyond at another fingerpost, do not go over the stile ahead, but turn left along the field edge. Go over a stile at the end and along a fenced path with a garden on the left.

Cross another stile and follow the footpath along the right-hand field edge. On coming to a pond on the left, bear right along a very wide grass path leading to a stile and along the bottom of the next field.

Cross a stile and, keeping to the bottom field edge, go down into a dip and over another stile. Now follow the left-hand field edge uphill; there are gardens on the left.

Go over the next stile and across the middle of the field ahead, then through a horizontal metal gate which has been placed in a vertical position. Follow the path over yet another stile towards a pylon.

5 - Ignore a footpath on the left, leading through a narrow strip of woodland to a road, and continue past a long array of solar panels on the left. Veer to the right of a gate ahead, keeping in the field to go over a stile.

Passing under power lines, look up to the left for an impressive view of another of our giants, a pylon. Now go diagonally downhill to the bottom left-hand corner of the field.

Go through a wooden gate and turn right along a driveway for a few paces. Continue straight ahead by a fingerpost on a footpath and, in a short distance, over a stile.

Follow the path across three fields, bearing right through a dip, and then diagonally across the next field to the farther left-hand corner. Go through a gate by a fingerpost and between Moorsholm Farm buildings.

At a fingerpost, bear left along a clear grass path. Continue direction (approximately south-east) for nearly half a mile until coming to the main road (A28). This part of the village is known as Cackle Street.

6 - Cross with care and, slightly to the left, go over a ladder stile and then bear diagonally left across the field to the farther left-hand corner. Continue ahead along the left-hand field edge, then to the left of houses and through a twitten to the main road (A28 again).

Go across with care to the footway opposite and turn left. In about 125 yards, arrive at the village sign. Just beyond is the entrance to the churchyard on the right and the Red Lion pub on the left.

  • Distance/Time: Four and a half miles/two and a quarter hours
  • By Car: Park off the main road (A28) near the Parish Church entrance at the top of Brede Hill, or in the lane south of the Parish Church near the churchyard fence (not advisable at church service times)
  • By Public Transport: Buses (341) from Hastings and Tenterden to Brede, alight at the Red Lion. Timetable information from Traveline, call 0871 2002233 or visit www.traveline.info
  • What’s underfoot: Country paths which may be muddy, if wet, and some difficult stiles; also minor roads
  • Thirsty Work: The Red Lion pub, Brede, at start/finish and Brede Water Heritage site at point 2
  • So you don’t get lost: OS Explorer Map 124 and Landranger 199, plus a compass for general direction

Click here for a full-sized map of the Brede circular walk