A mother-of-five got trapped in a window while her laughing children took photos of her.

Tracey Thorne, 47, yesterday admitted “I will never live it down” after firefighters had to rescue her from the first-floor window.

She told how she used a ladder to climb up to the part-open window and clambered in after locking herself out. But halfway in she got trapped.

She was looking downward at the toilet with only her legs visible outside.

Her children, Jordan, 16, Geri, 14, Ellie, nine, Lulu, eight, and Ruby, 20 months, were delighted.

Cardinal Newman pupil Geri called 999 and told the operator: “My mum is stuck in a window.”

Snaps She them whipped out her phone and started snapping pictures – which she immediately put on Facebook and sent to her friends.

Laughing Mrs Thorne said: “I can laugh my head off today but yesterday I was so embarrassed.

“I was trying to wriggle into the shower room but couldn’t budge.

“I was just hanging. I was sweating and crying.

“All the blood rushed to my head. My legs were very wobbly.”

Explaining how she got into the predicament at her home in Vale Road, Portslade, at around 5pm on Monday, she said: “I had to rush to pick up the kids from school and then take them to the dentist.

“I went to school and went home to get the car keys from inside for the dentist.

“Then I realised. I had locked the door.

“I didn’t want to miss the dentist so thought I would give climbing in the window a go.

“My friends will be thinking, ‘Only Tracey!’”

She told how she became stuck because of her breasts.

“They are not massive but not small – I couldn’t get them through,” she laughed.

“And while I was stuck and sweating, crying and going numb, my children were laughing.

“Geri was photographing me. The fire brigade turned up. I was like a beetroot.

“The children started shouting, ‘You can do it, Mum’. Even my baby was shouting.”

She said she knew one firefighter and he joked: “The things people do for attention!”

Ms Thorne said her biggest fear was her top coming off.

“I did not want to be naked,” she said.

“It was also quite embarrassing when my daughter called the dentist and said, ‘You know I called and said Mum’s locked us out? Well now she is trapped in the window’.”