ANGRY parents have hit out at a school’s no shoes policy. Holmbush Primary School in Shoreham implemented a shoeless classroom after the school’s learning council, made up of year six pupils, carried out research on the best learning environments.

But last week the fire alarm sounded at the school, forcing children out on to the wet play- ground without their shoes.

The grandmother of a five-year-old at the school said: “It’s absolutely ridiculous. “My five-year-old grandson went outside for a fire evacuation and because there was a bit of confusion they were ushered out of the door without their shoes.

“So he was stood there on a soaking wet playground in just his socks.

“When they came back into the school they had to take their socks off, so when we went to collect the kids nearly all of them came out wearing shoes and no socks.

“It’s just disgusting. There are so many health hazards about with kids walking about in socks on the wooden floors, chair legs slamming on their feet – but the reassurance we’ve been given is that posters are no longer stuck on walls with drawing pins.

“Even in hospitals you’re not allowed to walk about barefoot because of health and safety implications.”

Headteacher Rebecca Jackson denied the initiative was to protect the school’s carpets and that all health and safety issues had been addressed.

She said: “The children’s safety is of the utmost importance, which is why we evacuated the building.

“Shoeless classrooms were brought in to improve the learning environment and have nothing to do with the carpet tiles – we haven’t had any new carpets fitted since 2007.

“On Friday as lunch was being prepared the fire alarm began to sound.

“The whole school fol- lowed evacuation procedures and left the building quickly and safely.

“During the afternoon children with wet socks or tights were given spare dry ones and theirs were dried.”