A Sussex MP has come under fire for spelling the name of the county wrong on the front page of a booklet sent out to constituents.

Liberal Democrat Norman Baker, MP for Lewes, blamed a typo for the spelling of Sussex as Susex on the front of the Let’s Talk booklet which was delivered to homes across his East Sussex constituency.

Rather than re-print the booklets, stickers were placed across the error.

However, some arrived without a sticker, resulting in people taking to internet forums to point out the blunder.

On the popular Lewes Forum, one user said: “On the front cover of the Lib Dem’s 'Let's Talk' booklet distributed to households last week it says that Norman Baker and Lib Dem MEP Catherine Bearder are....(wait for it) ‘Delivering for East Susex’.

“If they can't spell their own county how on earth could they be anything but an embarrassment to us and to themselves?

“Obviously I've scanned it in for posterity, just wish I knew how to put it on here for all to see.”

Another simply said: “Poor old Norm!”

One user, who was more forgiving of the error, said: “It is only a typo. It is just a misspelling of one's location on the front cover of one's election leaflet.”

And another was even more generous and said: “Baker's always seemed to be a pretty good MP to me.

“If you allow his misspelling of Sussex to influence your vote then that is sad.”

Mr Baker, speaking to The Argus, confirmed Sussex had been spelt as Susex but he did know how to spell the county’s name.

He said: “It was a typo.

“Rather than be un-environmental and pulp the copies, stickers were placed over the error.”