Am I the only person fed up with cyclists riding on the roads when there are dedicated cycle lanes usually 2ft away from them, some being incorporated into the pavement?

I am a regular user of the Rottingdean to Falmer road leading to the A27.

There are signs along the road stating that certain parts of the pavement are for cyclists and pedestrians but cyclists still prefer to use the road.

This particular road is a single-lane, two-way road, with many bends in it and, although Rottingdean to Woodingdean is a 30mph limit, coming across a wobbling cyclist on a blind bend in the road is surely a road hazard when they have been given their own lane to ride in.

As for the Falmer Road between Woodingdean and the A27, a pathway on the right hand side heading out of Woodingdean has been installed. But oh no! This is not good enough for the cyclists. They still cause tailbacks on this road, as to overtake on this quite fast single-lane, two-way road can be quite dangerous.

Don’t mention the reverse route on this road – A27 to Woodingdean – which for the majority is uphill, stuck behind a cyclist trying to pedal uphill when, 4ft away from them, they have their own track to avoid traffic.

I just find it infuriating.

End of rant!

Gary Clarke, Mount Caburn Crescent, Peacehaven