A teenager who has been battling a brain tumour for five years has launched a campaign to help others.

Tyler Murphy, 17, was diagnosed with a tumour when he was 12 and has spent the last few years in hospitals across the south east.

Despite still facing his own battle the Barnham teenager has launched his own voluntary group which hands out gifts to sick children to raise their spirits.

He said: “When I was having radiotherapy in Southampton I got the other two children who were on the same ward as me and having the same treatment a comic and a toy and they really loved it. That was what gave me the idea for the gift boxes.

“I want to help children fighting cancer or other diseases to keep going and not give up.

“Even a small present can make a real difference when you are facing months of going in and out of hospital for treatment.”

Tyler’s Trust raises money to buy gift boxes for children. Each is filled with a balloon and a selection of goodies such as a teddy, a bandana, a mug, sweets and a voucher.

The teenager has also produced a DVD for the Brain Tumour Charity to raise awareness of cancer in young people.

Tyler has undergone major treatment at hospitals in Southampton, Chichester and London over the last few years, including an operation to remove his tumour. Experts were unable to remove the entire tumour and Tyler’s eyesight was permanently damaged.

His proud mother Janice added: “It’s been an incredibly difficult time for Tyler and for our family. He’s been through so very much.

“Whenever he has been in hospital getting post or parcels always cheered him up and helped him get through the treatment.

“We want to be able to do something for other children and young people, who are facing the same challenges as Tyler.

“We want to really get Tyler’s Trust off the ground and are looking for any help that people might be able to offer us.

“Maybe there are people out there who want to donate so that we can start making the boxes or a few local businesses, who could offer some corporate sponsorship.

“We would be grateful for any help people can give us.”

For more information or to make a donation email Janice.ellis2@btinternet.com.