Evil Roy Whiting is too afraid to sleep in his new prison cell because he says it is haunted by the ghost of Dr Harold Shipman.

Whiting, 47, who murdered eight-year-old Sarah Payne near Littlehampton in 2000, says he is terrified of scary noises and "strange goings on".

He was moved a fortnight ago into Wakefield Prison's cell D336, where serial killer Shipman hanged himself.

Since then, Whiting has complained about the haunting to his psychiatrist and jail staff.

He told them the noises got worse the closer it came to the anniversary of Shipman's death earlier this month.

So far Whiting has not been moved to another cell at the Yorkshire prison.

A source at the prison is reported as saying: "He has been in to see the governor, demanding a move. He wants out.

"He says he cannot sleep at night because of strange noises and is convinced the ghost of Harold Shipman has returned.

"He will no doubt be going on about his human rights being abused next.

"There is very little sympathy for him from staff. But if he keeps on complaining, he will probably end up being moved."

Whiting had been kept in a segregation unit for sex offenders before the move.

Reports suggest many prisoners in Wakefield believe cell D336 is jinxed.

Another inmate was found hanged there in April 1987.

But warders think Whiting is not being targeted by the ghost of Shipman but by other inmates who are deliberately making noises to torment him.

The insider said: "Prisoners in the neighbouring cells are winding him up, making strange noises when he is asleep.

"The straights,' as they are called, left a noose in there for him to find, which hasn't helped."

Whiting's behaviour has reportedly become increasingly erratic as a result of the so-called haunting. Prisoners say he is increasingly smelly, bedraggled and unkempt and spends his free time wandering around looking for used cigarette ends.

Whiting snatched Sarah on July 1 2000 near her grandparents' home. Her body was discovered in a field at Pulborough 16 days later.

Fibres from Whiting's van were found on Sarah's shoe. He was sentenced to life for kidnap and murder and is not to be considered for parole until he is at least 93.

Shipman, 58, from Hyde, Greater Manchester, murdered at least 250 patients and was sentenced to 15 life sentences. He worked on a biography of Napoleon while in the D-Wing cell.

Wakefield Prison holds some of Britain's most depraved criminals, earning it the nickname Monster Mansion.