The columns which stand on Brighton Beach opposite the West Pier will be removed.

The West Pier Trust revealed today contractors will be moving in on Monday to start dismantling the columns and root end of the pier's structure by the promenade on King's Road.

The columns which used to hold up the pier's structure will then be removed, stored and reused as part of a landscaping project in conjunction with the area's redevelopment alongside the i360.

Rachel Clark, Chief Executive of the West Pier Trust, said: "On 19 May contractors began clearing debris and artefacts from under the root end of the West Pier, which has been inaccessible to the public for several years and on Monday 2 June will start to dismantle the columns and root end structure by the promenade on Kings Road, in line with listed building consent.

"Some of the original structure will re-appear in the i360 scheme including the two toll booths which stood at the entrance of the pier. These will be restored and reinstated close to their original positions.

"We are delighted that the toll booths will be restored and that the area is now being made properly safe and accessible in preparation for i360 construction later this summer.

"The columns on the beach will also be removed and stored for future use in the new landscaping scheme adjacent to the attraction, but the West Pier structure in the sea will remain as it is and there is no plan to change it.

She added said "One of the ideas was that the columns will be used as part of an archaeological garden.

"They will be an interesting visual feature commemorating the pier."