Modern beautiful high buildings are quite a different matter from the Sixties high-rises, of which we have many poor versions in Brighton.

Gehry's proposal is of high quality in terms of pedestrian permeability, views through, variety of form, mix of uses, new public areas and design quality. It is proposed for a very large site which demands something unique and special.

It will be Hove's first big gesture on the seafront. Brunswick and Adelaide were born in the Brighton expansion days, when the centre of the small village called Hove was one street's worth of the King Alfred site.

While Hove Museum and Hove Library remain a civic memory of our old centre, Hove Street and the King Alfred site are a poor representation of our urban history.

The ambitious and heroic Gehry scheme redresses this and offers identity where none exists.

The conservation areas nearby are quaint but of no civic quality.

The listed buildings in St Aubyns will have their setting enhanced.

Just look at the poor setting the current King Alfred centre gives them.

The local people who joined Hove Up in support of the scheme understand everyone's dismay at the abysmal images released so far but have looked at the drawings and find it excels at all levels.

Please, Mr Arghiros, release at least one good image to the press.

Richard Coleman, Hove Up, The Richard Coleman Consultancy, Queen Victoria Street, London