Animal rescuers came to the aid of a crafty squirrel who managed to squeeze into a squirrel-proof bird-feeder but then couldn’t get out.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service volunteers were able to help free the hungry critter from the self-imposed squirrel Sing Sing after it ate too much bird feed.

Volunteer rescuers were called out this morning to a squirrel trapped inside what is supposed to be a squirrel proof bird feeder at a house in Vicarage Lane, Hellingly.

The charity’s founder Trevor Weeks MBE said: “The squirrel was frantically trying to get out, going round in circles and chewing at the plastic and wire.

“As rescuers approached the squirrel became more lively and the adrenaline give the squirrel enough of a push to free itself and run off down the garden unharmed.

“This is a common problem especially with juvenile squirrels at this time of year when they are not fully grown and can just about squeeze through the bars and after eating they can sometimes find it a bit harder to get out again”.